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Welcome Message

Dear Parents and Students,


Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year at Tomlinson Middle School! We are excited to welcome all of our students back to school. Our 7th graders will begin their middle school experience while our 8th graders will continue with theirs. It is this time of year that I become energized for the students and staff to return as we continue to make preparations for the upcoming year.


We have provided chromebooks to new students and re-issue them to returning students. Students are expected to bring their devices to school each day and have them fully charged.


School will begin at 7:40 AM and conclude at 2:22 PM. Students are expected to be in class at 7:40 AM. Regular attendance is necessary for a student’s academic success. We are working to improve chronic absenteeism at Tomlinson Middle School. In the event that your child must miss school, please contact the main office at 313-565-3393 to report the absence and follow up with a note upon your child’s return. It is imperative that household information is accurate for our staff to contact parents. Please update phone, address and emergency contacts as soon as possible or as needed.


Please take a moment to discuss appropriate dress for school. As a reminder, students are permitted to wear shorts of appropriate length(below fingertips). Shoes must be worn daily; NO flip-flops or slides are permitted. Pants must be worn at waist level without undergarments exposed. Leggings may be worn if a shirt is at least fingertip length. Please help us enforce that all shorts and skirts must be at least fingertip length above the knees and all shirts must cover the shoulders and midriff. All stress garments (rips, tears, and holes) must be worn with under covering so skin is not exposed. If you have any further questions, please contact the main office. Students are allowed to wear sweatshirts with hoods, but are NOT ALLOWED to wear their hoods on their heads. Students may not wear hats or head covering unless it is for religious reasons. A more complete list of the student attire expectations can be found in the main office. We appreciate parents’ help with upholding our dress code.


Students may bring a prepared lunch to Tomlinson, however students will not be permitted to eat during class. There will be NO food delivery service(i.e. DoorDash) for students. Students are not permitted to leave school grounds. This includes going to the gas stations across the street. If a student rides the district bus, he/she is not allowed to leave school to go to the store before or after school. Students are asked to consume all food during their lunch period. Absolutely NO glass bottles will be allowed.


Students are permitted to have cell phones at Tomlinson Middle School. Each teacher will collect student cell phones/devices at the beginning of each class and redistribute at the end of class. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Westwood Community School District is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones or accessories. Students MAY NOT charge their non-school issued devices in school. Please talk to your child about appropriate cell phone use.


If you have any questions please contact our office at (313) 565-3393. You may also choose to stop into the office weekdays between 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM. Please use this link to view the Westwood Community Schools Student Handbook.


On behalf of the Tomlinson Middle School staff, welcome to a new school year! We are excited about all of the positive things this year will hold for your students!


Kristen Kajoian, Principal